During blink's breakup, were there ever times where you missed being in Blink-182?


every day.

"I think I might always be in some kind of love with you."

Moving to England

On Sunday, September 14th I moved to England for the next 10 months and I’ve got to say there are many mixed emotions with this moved. My little sister, 6, made it very difficult leaving her for the first time since she was born (other than short travel trips here and there) when she began crying and screaming at the airport about me leaving. My heart has been torn in two since then. I knew it was going to be difficult leaving her, but I didn’t think it would be this difficult. She’s my little sidekick, smile, and best friend all at the same time. Needless to say there were many tears shed at the airport that day.
I arrived in London on that Monday and my boyfriend picked me up, the flight wasn’t too bad typical bad food, small screen for movies, and a large amount of people. Throughout the week we did various things for fun and to get ready for my move to University. Immediately it didn’t feel like it always does when I come to England, I didn’t feel the strong bond and love I always do here and wanted to go home (this is quite a strange feeling for me as typically I am obsessed with England). The weather was surprisingly wonderful: warm, sunny, and blue skies but my heart felt like cold and rain. I’m still trying to get over this feeling. My boyfriend brought me to university yesterday spent the day helping me move in and walk about my university. My dorm is absolutely vile. It’s tiny, old (not in the good way), and probably full of just international students. I moved here for an english experience not to be with a lot of foreign students that make this like the UN (if it were made up of Asian countries). But I’m gonna give the dorm a chance and if it doesn’t work out I will look forward to dorm swap in October. We don’t start school until the 6th so I’m stuck here doing this Freshers thing for a week and a half, not looking forward to this as its drinking and partying and I’ve never really been into that without people I trust and seeing as I don’t know a soul here that will not be occurring.
It’s quite odd to me the universities have nightclubs and bars in their Union, I think the main goal of universities here is just to get you drunk… I’ll take my coffee any day over this thanks!
Oh gosh, I am such an American.
Anyways, the city center appeared very nice and I look forward to discovering more here. I shall post more as I go. Better get some sleep, long day tomorrow.